James Taylor & Son feature on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch

James Taylor & Son feature on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch
Channel 4 recently decided that it would be interesting to feature a shoemaker on its popular Sunday Brunch programme.  They invited us to take part and we sent one of our experienced shoemakers, Amanda Borowiak, to demonstrate some of the skilled work involved. 
The producers decided it would be fun to involve the presenters in some actual shoemaking work, so Amanda prepared a couple of types of work for them - broguing of uppers and hand lasting.  It took a fair amount of preparation but the results were really good and the presenters seemed to enjoy it.  Amanda also explained how the bespoke process works and how we use our modern technology alongside the traditional shoemaking craft.

Here is the video (about 8 mins) - gain some insight into the work we do:

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